Paschaltide Reflections Week 6 Day 4


On this day, nearly 2,000 years ago, Our Lord ascended into heaven. This is an often neglected part of His mission. However, it is extremely important, for it manifested all three of his offices. First, it manifests his prophetic office, for he serves as the teacher of the Church from heaven. Secondly, it manifests his kingly office, for he sat down at the right hand of the Father to be king of his kingdom, the Church, in order to conquer all the nations through the preaching of the gospel. Finally, it manifests his priestly office, as he ascended into the heavenly Holy of Holies and forever offers himself as a sacrifice to the Father. It is a Melchizedekian priesthood, for he offers it and we receive it under the species of bread and wine.

Psalm 110:1-4

The Lord says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool.” The Lord sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter. Rule in the midst of your foes! Your people will offer themselves freely on the day you lead your host upon the holy mountains. From the womb of the morning like dew your youth will come to you. The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind, “You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.”


O Christ our God, upon fulfilling Your dispensation for our sake, You ascended in Glory, uniting the earthly with the heavenly. You were never separate but remained inseparable, and cried out to those who love You, “I am with you and no one is against you.” (Kontakion for the Ascension)

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