Puppet Show

How to make the puppets.

Simple ideas for a puppet stage.


Summer 2023

Make a video of your performance. Enter your video to win prizes!

The prizes for the video contest include gift cards for Catholic books and art or for Latin tutoring by Agros EducationFirst Prize $100, Second Prize $50, Third Prize $25. Plus, each puppet troupe that enters is eligible for a raffle to win one of two gift certificates for an hour of Latin tutoring by Agros Education.

Deadline: August 1, Feast of the Holy Maccabees

“…look upon heaven and earth, and all that is in them: and consider that God made them out of nothing, and mankind also.” 2 Maccabees 7:28

View the press release about the Video Contest.


The script for “The Days of Creation” puppet show is Genesis 1:1–2:3. Download a version of the script with the stage cues highlighted.



Watch a video commentary on Genesis 1:1–2:3 by Gideon Lazar to help you prepare your puppet show. Learn: What is a firmament? What did God create when? And more.

For instructions to make your own puppets, download the Guide.

For simple puppets, download, print, and color the templates.

Coming in 2024: “The Days of Creation” Puppet Show Video Contest in Latin. Sign up for the newsletter for updates.

For questions about the contest or the puppet show, contact Jennifer Bryson.

Also available from Creation Theology Fellowship in the Kids Zone: Marvel, Believe, Care Creation Coloring Book and Creation Activity Books.