The Luminous Mysteries and Creation

For this October, we are releasing reflections on the mysteries of the rosary. This week we will be reflecting on the luminous mysteries.

I would also like to thank Fr. Thomas Crean for looking over and giving feedback on these reflections.

1 – The Baptism of Christ
The work of the Holy Spirit has always been connected to the outward sign of water. At the creation, the Spirit hovered over the face of the waters. At Christ’s baptism, the Spirit descended like a dove upon the waters of the Jordan. Each one of us becomes a new creation through the work of the Holy Spirit in the waters of baptism. In this mystery, let us meditate on how the Holy Spirit came upon Christ at His Baptism and ask the Spirit to come upon us as well.

2 – The Wedding at Cana
“In the beginning, God made them male and female.” When God created Eve from Adam’s side, the two were married. Their marriage is the foundation of natural marriage. At the wedding of Cana, Christ took that natural marriage and exalted it into a supernatural sacrament. This was symbolized by the transformation of water into wine. In this mystery, let us meditate on how Christ transformed the water into wine at Our Lady’s request and ask her to continue to intercede for the blessing of all marriages.

3 – The Preaching of the Gospel
“She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” Immediately after the fall, God preached the message of the Gospel which was to come. During His ministry, Christ brought this message to its fulfillment. In this mystery, let us meditate on how Christ always preached the Gospel through His words and deeds and ask Him to give us the strength to preach the Gospel as well.

4 – The Transfiguration
“The heavens declare the glory of God.” The entire creation reveals the glory of God, although in a hidden manner. At the Transfiguration, Christ revealed the divine glory itself to the Apostles. In this mystery, let us meditate on the radiance of the divine glory as seen through creation, and ask Our Lady to give us the grace so that after this life we can see the divine glory face to face in the beatific vision.

5 – The Last Supper
God gave Adam a food he could eat to have immortality. However, Adam ate another food which he was not worthy to eat, and so he was cut off from the food of immortality. Christ has made us worthy however to once again eat a food of immortality, His own body and blood offered to us under the appearances of bread and wine. In this mystery, let us meditate on how Christ has given us the food of immortality to eat from once again and ask Our Lady to give us the grace to partake of it worthily.

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