What Happens When You Abandon Creation?

Newsletter for 9/3/22

by Gideon Lazar

This past week, I have been reading Sapiens by Yuval Harari. In this book, Harari lays out the history of the human race according to atheistic evolutionism. While I do not recommend any of you read it (it is a horrifying book at times), I have done so in the hopes of illustrating some of its errors. Without diving into all of those yet, I want to lay out some of the horrifying conclusions that Harari comes to as a result of this narrative.

Before you even get to the actual page 1, he has a timeline of human history. It starts at the big bang, moves forward to early humans, and then recorded history. However, it ends with what will happen in the future. Harari predicts that the human race will cease to exist, as we will be replaced by a higher genetically modified life form that we create. Early on in the book, he says this will happen in the next thousand years, but he thinks elsewhere it may come in the next hundred.

The replacement of ordinary humans with a superior race is reminiscent of the Nazis. However, since Harari is Jewish, I doubted he would openly support the Nazis. However, when he comes to describe the Nazis in part three, he says the only thing they got wrong is that the science does not actually support racial superiority of whites. Their essential goal though of improving humanity, which he calls evolutionary humanism, is endorsed by Harari. He also says that the scientists of the day did support racism though, so we cannot blame the Nazis for their beliefs.

While I could go on all day listing off the horrifying things in this book, one of the most horrifying is his description of a certain native tribe. He describes how they murder babies born with birth defects, such as having too little hair, murder the elderly when they get too weak, and murder women for honor. He says though that we cannot judge this tribe, since they had numerous sexual partners, were egalitarian, and “smiled and laughed constantly.” (No, I’m not making this up.) He says that they view killing the weak like modern people view euthanasia and abortion. (He is somewhat right there, but the conclusion should instead be that abortion and euthanasia are also horrible evils.)

While Harari’s conclusions would be horrifying even to most atheists, he is simply being more consistent than they are. Our morality in the West is based on natural law and Church teaching. Both of these are founded upon creation. When evolution comes to replace creation, genocide and totalitarianism follows.

This is why we are doing the work we are doing here. Creation is not just some random Catholic doctrine. It is what what is needed to save humanity from the evils that men like Harari would like to inflict upon it.

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